Speaker Rebecca Kadaga

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has lashed out to government officials who have occasionally tried to stop her from speaking about corruption saying, she will not retard from fighting the evil vice that is eating up the Country.

Speaking at the opening of parliament week, Kadaga said there are people in this country who think when you belong to certain political party, you should not speak about corruption and other evil things lamenting that the move tarnishes the image of the country.

She said they believe that if you are leader, you should not speak about corruption, you should not speak about corruption that you are spoiling the name of the party, name of the country.

“I did tell members last year when a complaint about the harassment of Ugandans on Lake Victoria by the army, there is a minister who came to my office to tell me that I should stop talking about the army,” she narrated. adding “I said what do you mean by stop talking about the army, he said am spoiling their name, I told him you can tell them to stop their atrocities then I stop talking and I chased him out of my office,” she said.

she further explained “Can you imagine someone coming to threaten the Speaker, I want to just say I will not stop speaking about corruption, I will continue speaking about atrocities,” She said

As a leader in Uganda she said, “We have no common agenda to commit atrocities, we have never had an agreement on that issue, and we have no common agenda to be corrupt and those who are corrupt, they are corrupt in their individual capacity and they should not expect protection from this house because we shall expose them until they go where they deserve,”

The 2019 parliament Week is premised on the theme ‘Championing accountability to improve service delivery’, with the objective of sharing information about Parliament with its stakeholders.