A parent and daughter of bridge.
EC Village Verification

Bridge Schools/Academies have persistently performed well in national exams in all countries where they are established. Eagle Online brings you the Bridge Schools’ best performers in 2018 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).

Aniku Rogers

Aniku Rogers, a 14-year-old from Adalafu in Arua district scored 10 aggregates. He moved school to Bridge because there were never enough materials in his old school. He lives in a rural area with only three other houses around. It is at a very high altitude so it is hard to source fresh water, he says. “We walk long distances to find a water source, I have to do this every day after school. It makes me tired,” he says.

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Aniku lives with his mother and father do small businesses to survive. In school, he says he loves Science because it makes sense to him. This is probably thanks to his science teacher who Rogers said “makes me understand everything”.

He hopes that his efforts in Science will assist him in his dream to become a doctor. Outside of the classroom he can be found playing sports – football is his favourite. Since he has started at Bridge he has been so happy with his progress. “Now I can speak and write very well in English, I am so pleased,” he says.

He says: “I am so happy about my results. I thank my parents for taking me to Bridge where I have managed to score these good results, the teachers are so great. I love science and want to be a doctor when I grow up. I want to build a hospital in Arua one day.”

Brenda Namusobya

The 14- year old Namusobya Brenda from Nalinaibi village, Mayuge district scored 10 aggregates. Like most in her village, Ms Namusobya’s father is a farmer while her mother is casual labourer. It is hard for them to support her so she lives with her grandmother.

Namusobya’s home is in a swampy area. Every time it rains, the house floods. It is a squeeze for the family as she has three sisters and seven brothers.

She joined Bridge, Magamaga in 2015 from a government school in Primary Four. Her uncle chose to take her to Bridge because he had heard about the quality education and excellent academic standards in the school. Her academic performance has improved greatly and her confidence too. “I can express myself in English and I can speak boldly, before I couldn’t.”

At school her best teachers are Ms. Norah Naisanga and Ms.Nulu Namulondo. She says: “I love Mathematics, Science and English. I can’t pick one that is my favourite.” Her dream is to become a doctor so that she can help all those who are sick in her village.

She says: “I have started my journey to becoming a doctor. I am so happy about my results and being in Division One. I want to say special thanks to my parents and my supportive and caring teachers at Bridge for helping me throughout my academics.”

Rogers Mugisha

Rogers Mugisha is a 13-years-old who scored aggregate 8. He comes from Kengere in Kasese District. His best subject was Science. And it’s no wonder he loves most his Science teacher, Mr Bonny. He says: “All teachers are excellent but I like Mr. Bonny most. I always understand what he teaches. He always repeats for me when I don’t understand.”

Before joining Bridge, he was studying at a neighbouring school but his parents were not happy with the quality of education and his progress at that school.
They later brought him to Bridge where he started making great progress. He says when he grows up, he would want to come back to the community and create jobs to solve the challenge of unemployment.

He says: “I want to thank my God for my results. I also want to thank my great teachers at Bridge for the support and belief I can succeed and get a score in Division 1.”