Dr. Joseph Muvawala (Rt) with Hon Naigaga Mariam (centre) at the swearing in ceremony yesterday.

Busoga Kingdom is not ready to continue tolerating its officials who use their positions in the cultural institution to build their political careers, particularly supporting People Power Movement.

The kingdom Premier, Dr Joseph Muvawala has been open to his ministers and told them to choose, either to serve the kingdom or to go into politics but not to serve the two masters at ago.

“You should resign at least four months to the campaign period and desist from using Obwa Kyabazinga to gain political mighty,” warned Muvawala.

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Muvawala who is also the Executive Director of the National Planning Authority said, many Ministers in Obwa Kyabazinga Bwa Busoga were using cultural Ministries to ride political positions.

He was this Friday speaking at the swearing in ceremony of 48 Kisiki cabinet Ministers, as chief guest. Kisiki is the Chiefdomship of Busiki, one of the 11 hereditary chiefdoms that come together to form Obwa Kyabazinga bwa Busoga. The function that attracted several political and cultural leaders was held at Namutumba district headquarters.

Muvawala also disclosed that he was aware of some of his ministers who are so busy campaigning against the ruling National Resistance Movement Party, something he said he shall not tolerate.

He said that being a cultural minister and you fight political wars might make it look like the entire kingdom is behind you.

“We do not want to mix politics into culture, the two are different” he said.

He warned that if the vice is left to continue, Busoga risks losing out on development.

“I want to tell you and am directing because am the prime Minister, those who want to join politics but still serving in the eleven hereditary chiefdoms as ministers or members of royal council in Obwa Kyabazinga Bwa Busoga it is time for you to resign” he said.

Adding that “We know we have different people with different political party ideologies which is okay, but for the good of the kingdom, issues concerning people power is not allowed. For us the people power we want is unity as Basoga” he said.

His speech was in response to the KKisiki (Chief), Yokania Kisiki who wondered why Busiki Ministers and royal council members are not benefiting in government programme.

Namutumba district woman MP, Mariam Naigaga pledged support towards the development of Busiki chiefdom.

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