Speaker Jacob Oulanyah

An analysis of employees of the Parliament of Uganda shows that the Karimojong have been left out despite efforts put in place to fairly distribute jobs in different arms and agencies of government.

The Parliamentary Commission which recruits workers of parliament last recruited workers over a year ago to fill 30 vacant positions which included accountants, technicians, administrative assistants.

Other positions Assistant Editor of Hansard, Engineering Officers information and public education officers, librarians, procurement officers, protocol officers, publications officers, research officers among others. Parliament has about 465 staff.

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Parliament has three directorates each having departments under them. For instance, Parliamentary Affairs Directorate has departments like; Parliamentary Budget Office, Department of Clerks, Department of Legal and Legislative Services, Department of Official Report and Department of Research Services.

Further, Corporate affairs directorate has; Department of Administration and Transport Logistics, Department of Communication and Public Affairs, Department of Corporate Planning and Strategy, Department of Finance, Department, Department of Information and Communication Technology, Department of Library Services and Department of Seargent at Arms

Offices / Secretariats include; The Offices of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker, The Office of the Leader of Government Business, The Office of the Leader of the Opposition, The Commission Secretariat, The Institute of Parliamentary Studies and Internal Audit.

Basing on the above revelation that no Karimojong is employed by parliament, Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah has tasked the relevant authorities at parliament to make sure that in the subsequent job selection, Karimojong are considered for employment by parliament in order to avoid being accused of bias.

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