Samuel Bamwole in jacket seen here consulting Minister Kizige and another leader at a previous event.

The Kamuli District National Resistance Movement (NRM) chairman, Pr. Samuel Bamwole has been arrested for alleged defilement.

Bamwole who is also the district councilor for Nawanyago Sub County and a former Speaker of the district council was arrested yesterday evening and detained at Kamuli Central Police Station.

Wamwole who is professionally a secondary school teacher is alleged to have defiled a 15-year old student of Nawanyago College and helped her to procure an abortion.

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In a statement made at Kamuli Central Police Station, the victim claims that between March and August last year, Bamwole who also once served as a district LCV chairman defiled her several times.

It is claimed that Bamwole seduced his neighbour’s daughter with a smart phone, clothes and money.

Michael Kasadha, the Busoga North Regional Police spokesperson confirmed Thursday mourning that Bamwole who is also a pastor was in the hands of police.

The girl’s father who is a carpenter told reporters that they got suspecious when their daughter was ill and bleeding.

“We took her to a nearby clinic where it was found out that she had had an abortion. And we were advised to take her for a scan where again it was found out that there was need for evacuation of blood and parts of the removed fetus,”

“My daughter condition was worsening but she has was not revealing who the man was. So I confiscated her phone. Later in the day, a love message from Mr Bamwole’s phone number was sent to my daughter’s phone. This is when we came to know that he was the one,” narrates the father.

The father says the girl finally disclosed to them that it was Bamwole who defiled her. Later, the parent says, the suspect in company of a friend visited the girl’s parents and admitted.

The matter was brought to the attention of the police by the girl’s parents more than 6 days ago but police appeared reluctant to investigate the case until the girl’s uncle who is a senior officer in the army caused Bamwole’s arrest and handed him to the police.

Police say that Bamwole is to be taken for an HIV test to ascertain his status before he is arraigned in court once inquiries are concluded.

Defile is capital in nature and can lead to life imprisonment.

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