Dr. Nsaba Bututro

Legislators have demanded that government takes immediate actions to curb what they termed as the appalling situation of moral decadence in the country.

The MPs, who were debating a motion to promote national moral consciousness and social ethical normalcy moved by former Ethics Minister, James Nsaba Buturo, said morals have been eroded by many unchecked negative vices in society.

Most of the vices like corruption, sex for jobs and marks, low levels of accountability, sexual harassment and commercialization of politics among others, have been attributed to a wanting moral upbringing of members of society.

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Nsaba Buturo noted that forces of moral decay and depravity had threatened Uganda’s potential to take off to a middle-income status.

“Many young people are growing up today with an exaggerated sense of entitlement, a presumption that society owes them a living and a predisposition to want to con their way to greatness. What is driving such motivation is a demonic spirit of materialism,” he said.

MPs reiterated the mover’s concerns and attributed most of the moral decadence especially among the youth, to poor or no practical lessons by parents and religious leaders.

“We allow our children to feed on wrong information especially on television. I recently saw immoral dances of youths along the streets in Amolatar on the night of the New Year,” said Doreen Amule

“How can we raise a nation where people depend on begging? Many tourists have been embarrassed by the children who follow them while begging on Kampala streets,” said Gomba East County Emmanuel Kalule Ssengo

Nyabushozi County MP Fred Mwesigye blamed the negative use of social media for promoting negative values in society, and noted that the education curriculum ought to be modified to promote teaching of values to children from a young age.

“We should make laws and regulations that prevent the media from airing poison to our children. We should also look at what our children are taught so that it complements their moral growth,” Mwesigye said.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, who presided over the sitting tasked the Minister of Education and Sports; Ethics and Integrity; and ICT and National Guidance to address the concerns raised in the motion.

The Speaker was also concerned over the little or no participation of the docket of National Guidance under the ICT and National Guidance Ministry, which she said was necessary in addressing concerns regarding sustaining the moral fabric of society.

“You hear about the ICT but never hear about National Guidance and that is why we are struggling with all this. The Minister should bring a statement this week on the matter,” added Kadaga.