Ruhakana Rugunda, Uganda's Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister, Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, has said government will report on the state of diplomatic relations with Rwanda following the controversial deportation of two MTN Uganda workers.

On Tuesday, government deported two foreign nationals, Olivier Prentout, a French and Rwandan national, Annie Bilenge Tabura, over their averred involvement in acts of compromising national security, the two were workers of giant telecom MTN.

Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake has taken it to the floor of parliament seeking for government position on reports that the deportation is steering Uganda and Rwanda into a diplomatic crisis.

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“Am worried about the reported diplomatic crisis that is said to have followed the deportation,” he said during the plenary.

In reaction the Dr Rugunda said, the matter that is under investigation adding that the August House will be informed about the relationship with the two member states.

In a statement that was released by Police Deputy Spokesperson Polly Namaye after the deportation, the two MTN Uganda employees a French national Olivier Prentout and Rwandan Annie Bilenge Tabura were deported for engaging in activities that compromise national security.

Rwanda’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs in charge of East African Affairs, Ambassador Olivier Nduhungirehe, has taken it on Twitter, where he poured scorn on Uganda for the deportation claiming diplomatic avenues have been exhausted to normalize both countries’ relations in vain.

“Walking and working in Uganda while Rwandan have become a crime. The only activities allowed for Rwandans in Uganda seem to be plotting against their country, training forces and denouncing fellow Rwandans. This provocation will stop at some point,” he said on his twitter handle @onduhungirehe

Uganda’s relations with Rwanda has been on the rocks in the recent past, with former Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura battling claims of illegally deporting Rwandan nationals who were seeking asylum in the country.

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