As schools opens for new term, police have called on parents and motorists to observe specific drop-offs procedures for safety of school going children.

Speaking at Central police station (CPS), Police Spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga said, parents and caretakers should ensure that children below 10 years of age do not walk themselves to school asserting that most children lose their lives to reckless motorists as they foot to school.

“School days bring about congestion on roads which requires vigilance however, making sure that all school going children remain safe throughout the term, is a top priority as police,” said Mr Enanga.

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Enanga said motorcyclists have equal rights and responsibilities as drivers however, it is hard to see them respecting traffic lights signals, “This category of riders is always in a hurry and most of them do not find it important to slow down,” he added.

He noted, Children are often hit by reckless motorists when they come into the path of moving traffic and always vulnerable in the threats of kidnap and murder.

“We do encourage all motorists to always remain alert and desist from reckless conduct like, Phone usage, over speeding and double packing. Some drivers do not find it important to slow down and let children cross the road,” he said.

He implored Parents to establish contacts or other mechanism to double check the safe arrival and presence of their children at school, in a case where the student transport themselves or transported by third parties.

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