Kenya Airways

Four Ugandan passengers through Galisonga & Company Advocates have sued East Africa’s biggest airline, Kenya Airways in court, alleging that it flew them from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi to Kigali International Airport instead of flying them direct to Entebbe International Airport as indicated on return tickets.

The plaintiffs-Mr. Dalus Kabogoza, Jude Nsereko, Edward Nyatia and Winfred Arinaitwe, say they were shocked on December 15, 2018 when Kenya Airways staff told them in Nairobi that they would first fly to Kigali then connect to Entebbe by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, an arrangement they say caused them inconvenience for which they are now seeking general damages and other costs such as the costs of the suit but also want the airline’s staff to be punished for mistreating them.

Mr. Kabogoza says his property was damaged during the long journey and wants special damages awarded to him.

The plaintiffs also want interest on the damages and costs from the date of the judgment until payment in full.

Kenya Airways has been given 15 days to file its defence. The period runs from the date the suit was lodged.