Goats on the farm.

The National Livestock Resources Research Institute (NaLRRI) has said it is in the process of beginning to produce animal feeds supplements with actual production planned to start in March this year.

Dr. Ambrose Agona, the executive director at NaLRRI says they are about to complete assembling of machines to produce animal feeds.

According to Agona the new development follows a recent cabinet approval of the Animal Feed Bill 2018 that is aimed at regulating suppliers of animal feeds to eliminate fake and dangerous feeds on the local market.

The director of research at NACRI Swidiq Mugerwa said that the factory would produce 10 tonnes of the supplements per hour. Farmers will provide the ingredients to be used in the production.

The state minister for Agriculture (Animal Husbandry) Joy Kabatsi said the new policy, is considering giving NaLRRI the mandate to test all imported and locally made feeds before they are put onto the market.