Mr. Ofwono Opondo.

Cabinet has approved Physical Planners Registration Bill, 2019 peddled at regulating physical planners and holding them accountable for their professional conduct.

The regulation is in line with the Physical Planning Act 2010 that empowers the local physical planning committee to prohibit or control the use and development of land and buildings in the interests of the proper and orderly development of its area.

The act prohibits a person from carrying out any development within the planning area without obtaining development permission from the committee.

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Speaking at Media Centre, government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, said Physical planners will play a more effective role in all physical planning matters in the Country within the pretext of the law and regulation.

“There will be enhanced coordination between the physical planning profession and other professionals in the Construction Industry within the Country. Physical planners will be made more responsible and accountable for their professional conduct,” he said.

He said, the physical planning practice will be more responsive to the Country’s Physical Development Plans since the registration of Physical Planner’s will be done an annual basis.

Mr. Opondo said physical planning practice and professional interests of the registered Physical Planners who may wish to operate in Uganda will be regulated and Quack Physical Planners who have defrauded many local Governments and private developers will be eliminated.