Maj. Gen. Frank Mugambage

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has today summoned Rwandan High Commissioner to Uganda Maj. Gen Frank Mugambage over the Uganda-Rwanda border impasse.

While addressing the media about the situation on the border at Media Centre, the government Spokesman, Ofwono Opondo said Mugambage has been summoned to explain the circumstances on why Rwanda closed their border.

It all started on Wednesday evening at the Uganda-Rwanda border following a decision by the Rwandan authorities to block any vehicles or Ugandans from entering or exiting their country.

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Opondo said, “All vehicles coming from Rwanda enter well into Uganda but it’s the opposite on the Rwandan side. Rwandans aren’t being allowed to travel & enter Uganda but Ugandan nationals are. What is being stopped are only vehicles because of the blockage.”

“There’s no witch hunt for Rwandans in Uganda. There’s also nobody from Rwanda being held by the Ugandan authorities for any reason. We would like to send a clear message to Rwanda that there’s no one Uganda is harassing from Rwanda or has in custody.” He added

Meanwhile air transport hasn’t been affected. Flights have been going on smoothly at Entebbe Airport and Fly Rwanda Air or any other airline. No Rwandans or Ugandans have been affected by this.

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