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The president of People’s Development Party (PDP), Dr Abedi Bwanika, has said Kyandondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi a.k.a is the emerging leader of the opposition in Uganda and that Dr Kizza Besigye should vacate give way for the young legislator.

Bwanika while appearing on NBS Morning Breeze programme on Tuesday said Dr Besigye has the problem of wanting to be a leader all the time.

He said for all the years Besigye has been leading the opposition he has failed to remove President Yoweri Museveni from power. “What you have not done, you have not delivered victory to the people of Uganda,” he said of Besigye. He has not delivered the desire of the people of Uganda. That is victory,” he said.

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Bwanika said Besigye has been serving as a defacto leader of the opposition in Uganda and that time has come to leave space for others to take over.

Bwanika said he can never work with Besigye because of the latter’s political activities such as leading political demonstrations.

Appearing alongside Bwanika on the same programme, Betty Nambosze, the Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament called for respect between those who support Bobi Wine’s People Power movement and those who support Besigye’s People’s Government.

Responding to Bwanika’s demand that Besigye leaves the political stage, Nambooze said Besigye is still relevant to Uganda’s politics since he still has a considerable number of supporters.

The legislator who subscribes to the Democratic Party (DP), dismissed Bwanika’s negative attitude towards Besigye’s opposition defacto leadership, saying that if Besigye was irrelevant Bwanika wouldn’t be wanting him to leave political leadership.

Meanwhile former Museveni’s press secretary Tamale Mirundi while on NBS Tuesday morning said it was wrong for hooligans to attempt to attack Besigye last weekend. “If Besigye has lost support, why do you beat him,” he said.

Tamale said government must intervene and bring to book those who wanted to beat Besigye on that day as he leaving CBS radio after radio talk show programme.

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