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Five major changes added to the rules of football

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The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has confirmed five new rules that will affect the world football, starting June 1st, 2019.

The new five major rules are to affect key areas of the game and these are;

There will be no rebounds from penalties;

Play will stop for a restart if a penalty is saved or hits the post, meaning there will be no chance to follow up and score from rebounds.

Players will also no longer need to line up on the edge of the area.

If the ball hits the post or the goalkeeper saves and it comes back out to the forward, the game will be stopped, there’ll be no second chance

Accidental handball goal won’t be allowed;

From June 1, goals scored that have hit a player’s hand – deliberately or not – they will not be allowed.

Substituted players can leave the field anywhere;

When a player is withdrawn they will no longer have to leave the field at the halfway line and will instead be permitted to leave the pitch at the nearest point.

This will help to reduce on time-wasting especially on late substitutions when teams are with a narrow lead.

No attacking players in the free-kick wall;

This rule prohibits attacking players standing in the wall when a free-kick is being taken, a tactic increasingly employed in recent years.

Attackers will be made to stand at least one metre from the wall, and is aimed at stopping defenders being moved out of the way.

A team taking a free-kick shouldn’t have its own players in the wall trying to disrupt the opponents.

Coaches will receive cards;

It has been done in the past, but discipline of coaches changed to simple reprimands or sending off.

Coaches have currently been only receiving verbal warnings for misconduct. Now they are able to receive yellow and red cards like the players.

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