Olivier Nduhungirehe

Rwanda’s State Minister for East African Affairs, Olivier Nduhungirehe has accused some key elements in Ugandan security agencies of helping South African-based dissident Lt. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa whose aim is to destabilize his mother land.

In the past five days, there has been raging border tensions between Uganda and Rwanda. Rwanda posed travel restrictions stopping its nationals from traveling to Uganda and blocking good from entering into the country.

Nduhungirehe who was speaking at the East African Legislative Assembly said, Uganda is harboring dissidents’ with intent on destabilizing the their country.

“We have been telling our colleagues in Uganda to stop facilitating dissidents. We have the information that Gen. Nyamwasa has for several times been travelling into the region including Uganda to meet some authorities and that is where our concern is,” he said in Zanzibar.

Mr. Nduhungirehe said they have been advising Rwandans to stop travelling to Uganda because over 40 ordinary nationals were arrested, tortured and detained without trial.

Efforts by Eagle Online to get the Ugandan side of this allegations didn’t yield fruits as both Foreign Affairs Minister, Sam Kutesa and Gen. Elly Tumwine of Security didn’t answer their mobile phones.

“We actually have a list of over 40 people incarcerated in Uganda with the recent case of Kabanda Rogers Don who was returned back at Rwandan border by Ugandan authorities,” he said.

However, Rwandan Foreign Minister, Richard Sezibera said there is an ongoing discussions with Uganda on key issues which include allegations of Uganda facilitating armed forces whose intentions is to overthrow Kagame’s government and illegal detention of Rwandan nationals.