NWSC MD, Dr. Silver Mugisha .

The Managing Director of National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), Dr. Silver Mugisha, has said technology is availing great opportunities to address the diverse challenges of water and sanitation in the sewer sector.

Dr Mugisha was speaking at the WEX Global Conference that was held in Porto Portugal under the theme ‘Applying Intelligence in The Circular Economy’, attended by water, energy and waste experts from more than 45 different countries.

On the panel of Regional Forum for Africa that, he reflected on the fact that the building of water and sewage networks in the developed world was entirely dependent on public finance adding that the same solutions do not appear prominent in policy debates on the development of infrastructure in Africa.

Dr. Mugisha said, technological advancements need to be implemented in context of the challenges, organisation and the country. ­“NWSC is among the highly ranked utilities in the world. The NWSC success stories attract scores of conference participants across the globe,” he said.

According to Dr. Mugisha, the NWSC case of building an efficient, accountable and trusted utility provides good lessons for similar utilities in the developing world. Most importantly he said government’s will continue to play a key role in financing the development of water and sanitation infrastructure and environmental protection is a joint responsibility.

He also shared NWSC experience in mobilizing financing from different sources including commercial financing from the commercial banks saying one of the key lessons from NWSC was the need to have a well performing and accountable institution that instils confidence in Government, development partners and all financiers.