HULLO: President Yoweri Museveni greets the author Mr Nabende Wamoto.

Why is Uganda still allowing her citizens entry into neighbors’ (Rwanda territory) yet the latter is disallowing her own nationals from leaving their country to Uganda?. Isn’t this tactical that when Rwanda is ready and about to attack Uganda, she will hold Ugandans as War shields in case of our counter – attacks?.

Are these neighbors not responding in a manner referred to as IMMEDIATE ACTION DRILLS after the Commandant of Special Forces Command then Brigadier, now Major General Don Nabaasa`s tactical alert to the country and in particular the Ugandan youth of appending foreign enemy aggression.
In the first quarter of last year 2018, I wrote in these pages emphasizing the importance of Intelligence gathering (knowledge or fore knowledge) and the necessity of spy agencies to be everywhere including Churches (remember the Kampala Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga had complained of spy infiltration), Mosques etc.

Ugandans must appreciate the timely and usefulness of the intelligence that led to General Nabaasa`s statement and going by that caution, EXTERNAL SECURITY ORGANISATION (ESO) is without doubt the basis upon which Uganda established and now Rwanda herself through President Gen. Paul Kagame and his foreign minister Amb. Sezibera confirmed that they must have been at the extreme tail end of planning a mission, execution, general outline, task and grouping, coordination of instructions, timing, Orders of match i.e. Assemble area, F. Up (formation up), start line, Fire plan, Obstacle plan, administration logistics (service supplies), command and signal of her armed forces.

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Uganda and all her citizens including but not limited to the military, religious leaders i.e. priests, Imams, cultural leaders must not take anything for granted for I witnessed such a deadly scenario at the Uganda-Kenya boarder at Busia in the mid -90s. Therefore our security forces must prepare accordingly in all aspects:- battle preparations, locating enemy positions, reaction to enemy effective fire, Assault and winning the fire fight. The country must ready herself, accelerate her spy networks to counter this current hostility. Skills or methods of inter agency gathering must be inculcated in all citizens so that they are able to communicate with sources of information without regard to who they are and without being detected by enemy or opposition intelligence services.

The public must be trained (polished) to know that the Army goes to the war front in order for us to remain as peaceful as usual but everyone must make personal contribution to the same peace as the Latin say “Ad Bellan Pacis Causa’’ meaning “it is for the cause of peace that I go to war’’.

Sum Tzu, a Chinese military General in his book Art of War emphasizes the importance of good intelligence and goes on to say that the essence of spying is what would be in a common man`s language prophesy.

The profession of fore telling the future and foreseeing what is hidden behind the curtains in this case hidden in the enemies courts which we must all uncover, uproot and cast away.
Rwandas action of boarder closure is extra serious and America classifies is as DEF.POL 3 which is almost declaration of war.

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