Night Kulabako

Uganda Peoples’ Congress iron lady, Night Kulabako is dead.

Ms Kulabako is said to have reported complications in her chest last night at her Masanafu home before she was rushed to Mengo for medication and upon reaching there she collapsed and passed.
Kulabako was Nkumba Sub-County chief under President Milton Obote’s second rule and she is remembered for her authoritarian hand on opponents of the then government.

She is also close relative to the family of the Nabageraka of Buganda. After the collapse of the UPC government in 1985, Kulabako and others were arrested and imprisoned to Luzira prison but was later left free after she wasn’t incriminated to any human rights abuse.

She continued with UPC activities at the party headquarters under the Presidential Policy Commission under Dr. James Rwanyarare.

According to Mr.Jimmy Akena, the UPC party leader and also Lira Municipality legislator, Ms Kulabako’s complications started last week when she went to a medical facilitate for medical attentions and that is how it degenerated until her death.

“Last week, she went for medical treatment but on Wednesday she went to Mengo hospital and after words she went home after tests. However, as she underwent treatment, she again complained but she insisted she way okay to be rushed to Mengo. Until this morning when we rushed her to Mengo for oxygen but she later on died.” Mr Akena said.

Ms Kulabaka was an ardent supporter of the Obotes family and has been a very close confident of Ms Miria Obote.