Uganda Airlines is expected to fly in tourists when it resumes operations

Uganda Airlines staff will be one of the best paid in the country when the airline whose aircraft are yet to arrive in the country, starts operations that were halted over a decade ago due to liabilities it was incurring then .

According to leaked documents, the Chief Executive Officer expects (CEO) expects to earn a monthly salary of Shs 60 million. The money excludes other allowances and benefits. Ephraim Kalyebara Bagenda is the current acting CEO.

The documents indicate the chief finance officer will earn Shs50 million while the chief pilot will pocket Shs 42 million monthly. Flight captains will get Shs 38 million while the cabin crew including air hostesses will be paid Shs 3 million.

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Government da is preparing set to re-launch the airline this year, with the Ministry of Works asking Parliament to quickly approve Shs283 billion which is the balance for the two A330 Neo- Airbuses.

Ntege Azuba, the minister for Works told the Budget Committee of Parliament on Friday that failure to clear this balance before the end of March 2019, could attract a penalty.

If the payment of the balance is done, Azuba said the two Airbuses will be delivered at Entebbe International Airport on the 8th of April this year.

Following the recent air crash in Ethiopia, the legislators tasked the ministries to present the CV’s of the pilots and captains that intend to fly the Uganda Airlines.