Brenda Katwesigye

Forbes’s first list of ’20 New Wealth Creators’ in Africa, has Brenda Katwesigye as the only Ugandan to make the cut.

According to the list that is dominated by Nigerians, the 20 women were selected because they have made a significant impact in their respective sectors by transforming a market or company, or innovating a product / providing a service, and are pioneering their organization(s) in generating new untapped streams of income.

The financial magazine adds that, they may be wealth creators but their businesses, ironically, did not stem from a need to make money, but rather from the need to solve Africa’s persisting socio-economic challenges.

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Ms Katwesigye is the Founder and CEO of Wazi Recycling Industries that produces affordable eco-friendly eye glasses by collecting, shredding and molding the plastic from water bottles and plastic bags.

Speaking in an interview Ms Katwesigye said being a new wealth creator is about creating revenue or value from unconventional places whilst making an impact.

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