Young people

The government has pledged to promote local content reservation schemes for the Ugandan youth in the public procurement at local and national levels as way of enabling them provide services and goods for projects in sectors like the oil and gas sector, among others.

According to the government Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo, this was agreed on yesterday as Cabinet noted the performance of the Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP) for the financial year 2013/14 and financial year 2017/2018.

The Cabinet also approved the performance improvement measures to be incorporated in the YLP and these include among others: Reducing the minimum group size to five youth from 10 to enhance group cohesion; allowing youth who may not be from the same village, but have projects of common interest to form groups and access funding, if they live within the same parish/ward Disbursing funds directly to group accounts (from the Ministry Project Account in Bank of Uganda to Youth Interest Groups Accounts).

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Also approved was to maintain only group members as signatories to group accounts (Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer); increase of the resource allocation for institutional support to 20 percent from the current 10 percent to provide sufficient resources for training , technical support and supervision of groups;

Cabinet also agreed to integrate the use of technology through developing ICT platforms for monitoring project implementation as well as Mobile Money for easing the repayment process especially for hard to reach areas.

YLP was launched in 2013 earmarking a total of Shs265 billion to benefit the youth through livelihoods, skills development and institutional capacity building. The purpose of the YLP was to empower youth in Uganda to harness their socioeconomic potential, increase self-employment opportunities and income levels.