Home News Late CP Christine Alalo was strong woman, great mentor-IGP Ochola

Late CP Christine Alalo was strong woman, great mentor-IGP Ochola

Late CP  Christine Alalo was strong woman, great mentor-IGP Ochola

The life of the late CP Christine Alalo stands as a testament to the entire human kind that global or institutional challenges have no control over greatness in you, the Inspector General of Government Martins Ochola Okoth said on Tuesday during a memorial service held for the late police officer at All Saints Church Nakasero.

Alalo who was serving with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) died in the Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 crash three weeks ago alongside 156 others as she was returning from Italy where she had been undergoing a Gender Protection Course.

“CP. Alalo was a strong woman, focused, determined, a great mentor to her team, full of life, instrumental in mainstreaming gender in the UPF, and always raised gender issues in all discourses,” Ochola told mourners.

“I would like to express on behalf of the Uganda Police Force, our sincere condolences to the deceased’s children, Parents and family friends. It is hard to imagine what you must be going through. CP. Alalo’s sudden and unexpected passing away must have been heartbreaking and devastating to you,” he said.

Joining the police

According to Ochola, having joined the force on 18th August 2001, the late distinguished herself and discharged her national and international police duties with utmost sincerity and commitment. She was a highly valuable and respected member of UPF and the effects of her passing are already being felt by the Institution. She made many great contributions to the institution and helped it move forward in numerous ways.

During the 17(seventeen) and half years of police service, she served as OC Station Lira, DPC Entebbe, Staff officer of the Directorate of Human Resource Management, served in United Nations (UN) Mission in Sudan, Commissioner of Child and Family Protection Department and in 2015, she was appointed as Deputy Commissioner AMISOM in Somalia. At the time of her demise, she was the Acting Commissioner AMISOM.

Before joining AMISOM, she was subjected to an interview and emerged the winner among other competitors. This was because of the experience she gained having served in United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) as a Peacekeeper in 2007 to 2009.

Before she left for AMISOM, she headed the Department of Child and Family Protection Unit where she excelled in her duties and was awarded the European Union’s Human Rights Defender prize in June 2014.

In AMISOM, she was rated highly in the discharge of her responsibilities to the extent that she acted as the Police Commissioner, in the absence of a substantive Police Commissioner.

From African Union ratings, the Late performed her duties to the satisfaction of African Union Commission (AUC) and all critical stakeholders, by inspiring Police personnel in the Mission to higher levels of commitment, dedication and service to the cause of peace in Somalia.

She was an officer of high integrity, hardworking, dedication, commitment and professionalism and, gained respect from whoever would interact or work with at all different levels.

Her diligence to work saw her rise in ranks and by the time of her death she was a Commissioner of Police who had very commendable potential to rise to up to the top of UPF rankings. She mentored many officers throughout her carrier and took them up as sons and daughters, she was indeed a mother of the nation, highly respected member of the force who loved her job.