AT WAR: ICT State Minister Aida Nantaba Erios

In an act of extra judicial killing, Police have confirmed that the State Minister for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) who doubles as Kayunga district woman MP, Aida Erios Nantaba, ordered for the shooting of Ronald a common citizen Ronald Sebulime on allegations that he was trailing her.

In the latest statement, Police Spokesman Fred Enanga has Sebulime was illegally killed after days of denying that the accusations. Enanga said Wednesday police patrol in the area told lies.

Investigations have turned out that though Nantaba suspected Sebulime who was riding a motorcycle to be an assassin after he made a sudden u turn at Ssinda village, he was an innocent man going to visit his children at school in Kabimbiri. He is said to have asked the women who always sell food to Nantaba for direction before turning back on Kampala road. Nantaba buys items from the same women.

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The source at Naggalama police station said Sebulime did not trail the MP instead she started following him after suspecting him to be an assassin.

According to the narrative, the suspicious MP however, reported the matter to Naggalama police station as she chased him using her official car. Police joined them in the chase until he branched off the highway to a marram road going to Nagojje to save his life. The minister reportedly stopped along the way and left police to execute its duties.

According to the source, Sebulime was arrested, put on handcuff and bundled on police pickup. After driving for a few meters, the suspect was bundled off the pickup and asked where the gun is before being shot.

The source said, a police officer (names withheld) called the minister to tell her that the suspect had been arrested and she ordered that she be shot, asserting that she would argue with anyone in case questions are raised.

It is said the police officer upon receiving Nantaba’s orders, moved two meters back and shot Sebulime in the chest.

Analysts say there is no assassin that can carry his driving permit and nation ID on such missions. He said the deceased was found with black gaggles and helmet.

Nantaba yesterday denied the allegations of ordering for the shooting to death Sebulime, instead she said police should explain why the officer shot Sebulime.

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