RIP: Jacob Oulanyah

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah, has scoffed at Minister of worker Monica Ntege Azuba’s negligence for failure to scrutinize documents before tabling them for discussion and consideration in parliament.

This is after Works Minister presented the certificates of shareholding and incorporation indicating that government has less than one per cent of the shares in the company as unrevealed individuals own over 99 per cent of the shares.

The minister wanted parliament to approve Shs280 billion in supplementary budget for 2018/19 for operationalize the aircraft. US $41.55 million is required for delivery of the first aircraft and the second in March 2019.

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In a plenary chaired by Deputy Speaker Oulanyah, the supplementary budget was approved after the minister’s apology and retraction of her statement saying government is owns 100 per cent shares in the fourth coming Uganda national airlines asserting that there was an error in the registration process and issues surrounding the shareholding of the Airlines.

“Members, Let us admit that there have been gross errors. From the Speaker’s chair, you wonder if there is a government and there are people thinking ahead. We wouldn’t be in this situation. It is unfortunate that I am not the president, I would have sacked a few” oulanyah said.

Kasilo County MP, Elijah Okupa however demand for disciplinary proceedings against the Works Minister Ntege Azuba for her errors in the registration process and issues surrounding the shareholding of Airlines.

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