Argumentative war has erupted between city socialite Shanita Namuyimba alias Bad Black and Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool, attracting attention on various social media platforms.

Bad Black accuses Bebe Cool of attacking her on NBS TV saying she (Bad Black) is now broke, she can’t even afford Shs10, 000 in her pocket. Bad Black has conversely fired back in a video on her snap chat.

“Bebe Cool, I have been respecting until yesterday when I realized that you are a dumb old fool. I don’t want to attack men I have ever slept with, but Bebe Cool you pissed me off,” she said.

Bad black said Bebe Cool used to visit her home in Muyenga just to have bed egg rolls and pocket change to sustain his life.

“You are a beggar and am not a beggar. You don’t buy me food or anything how could you start yapping that I can’t afford Shs10,000 and that is why all the guys you started music with are prospering and you are still stuck in music because you know nothing in life. Bebe Cool I used to give you free money whenever we had bed egg rolls (sex),” Black said.

She said the Bebe Cool is broke and is still abusing people? She lushed out to Zuena’s husband saying he has been building a housed for over 20 years and yet continues to brag in the town calling himself a man.

“You have started a war you will not manage. Am a bad bitch,” she said on snap chart.