Mgahinga National Park, the place of interest to investigators

A neighbouring country to Uganda is being implicated in the kidnap of American tourist, Ms Kimbley Sue Endecoff and his drive, a senior game guide Jean Paul Milenge Romezo who were picked at a gun point adjacent to Katoke gate in Queen Elizabeth national park.

According to an impeccable sources within security circles of Uganda, this was a well calculated moved, staged to taint Uganda’s image in the international community. The source said alluding to information from officers on ground, guides had been seeing unfamiliar faces, maters away from the gate on the side of the two border points bordering the two countries however, they treated it as a normal concern.

The said country is said to have an underhand methods on how it operates and this plot is aimed at tarnishing the image of Uganda. Sources say what is complicating the search is the manner in which the operation was coordinated and the way the kidnappers are operating.

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Government and American embassy have since launched a joint operation of Uganda peoples Defence forces (UPDF) and Uganda Wildlife Authority game wardens to establish the where about of the victims.

The source pseudo name peter said, the kidnappers are suspected to be security experts because they are on verification process to establish whether their intuition and information from key witness depicting true image.

He said the tourist and his driver were driven along the border points according telephone mast picked when they called close associates of the victims in demand for a ransom of US $500,000, equivalent to Shs1.85 billion. Police has however, said that they strongly believe this ransom is the reason behind the kidnap.

Earlier there were reports linking kidnappers to the rebel group of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) operating with in the Eastern part of Congo.