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By Nabende Wamoto

The Superpower leader’s statements to their citizens and the world are almost policy so after the rescue of the abducted female American tourist, Ms. Kimberly Sue Endicott and her Ugandan tour guide Jean Paul Mirenge, two serious statements were made, first by President Donald Trump of the USA quote ‘’pleased to report that the American tourist and tour guide have been released, Uganda must find the kidnappers before people will feel safe in going there’’. His (Trump) American ambassador Ms. Malac Deborah echoed ‘’ we appreciate the government of Uganda’s assistance and hope the kidnappers are quickly caught and prosecuted’’.

Secondly President Yoweri K. Museveni also said “I want to reassure the country and our tourists that Uganda is safe and we shall continue to improve the security”.

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There is urgent need for a farm trip organised by government of Uganda for international tour operators, travel agents and the media to visit all Uganda’s protected areas.

Now given the above President Trump and ambassador Malac, last sentences (arrest and prosecute) is what would determine Uganda’s tourism destiny and those who market the country led by the principal, H.E President Museveni Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu and his deputy Godfrey Kiwanda, Uganda Wildlife Authority (park custodians), Uganda Tourism Board must work doubly hard in their public relations to change the American’s current message.

Time for honeymoon is over; there is more to the country beyond curvy women marketing. The mighty Nile punctuated by the spectacular Murchison falls, with the world’s most thrilling commercial white-water rafting. There are the snow-capped peaks of the Ruwenzori Mountain, with tantalizing challenge to dedicated mountaineers, the Virunga Volcanoes and Mount Elgon both of which offer highly rewarding hiking opportunities through scintillating high land scenery.

More sedately, the Myriad islands of Lake Victoria and Bunyonyi in the South western region of Uganda. The country boasts abundant forest –fringed crater lakes that stroll the rift valley floor and escarpment around Fort portal. Bujagali near Jinja is the lunching point of white water rafting across the Nile in the East also one of the safest in the world, passing through three heart-stopping grades, five rapids in one day and Bujagali also provides Kayaking, squad-biking and 44meter-high bungee jumps from a cliff above the Nile.

The mountain gorilla is the most endangered; yet the bulkiest, most peaceable gentle giants, are fewer than 700 individuals that survive today all over the world, shared between Uganda’s Bwindi National Park and the Virunga mountains shared by Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

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