CP Enanga

By Fred Enanga

Before you embark on your journey, ensure the security of your home is guaranteed as a MUST. Most burglaries and household thefts are frequent during the holidays, as criminals target homes without residents, as easy targets. We therefore, advise as follows;

1: Not to leave security lights on, since it can easily alert criminals of absence.

2: Where possible install a timer

2: Activate your alarm. Install one if you do not have

3: Only inform someone you trust about your going away and when they should expect you back

4: Be alert while driving, watch out whether, you are being followed and be vigilant when stopping at traffic lights or streets

5:If you suspect that you are being followed, please go to the nearest police station or busy area and seek for assistance.

6: Always keep your valuables in the car boot and ensure the doors are locked and windows closed.

7:Also leave ample space between you and the car in front of you in order to escape or maneuver should you need to

8: Remember to pay close attention to your surroundings, even, when close to your house. If you see something suspicious, please drive away instead of stopping and immediately alert the police.

9: Be vigilant when stopping in-front of your gate and waiting for it to open or be opened.

10: Always ask security to escort you home or alert the police.

Road users “drive safely or risk the consequences.

Remember it only takes a split second, for a tragedy to occur on our roads. We therefore, urge you to drive responsibly this Easter for everyone’s sake.

Always ensure you double check your vehicle before taking the family on road trip, whether you are driving a short or long distance.

Map out your trip; allow plenty of time to get to your destination, including rest stops. Avoid last minute hassles and take regular breaks [at least every two hours] and pull over for a power nap as soon as you feel tired or fatigued.

Share driving responsibility if possible

Don’t drink alcohol, not even small amounts, before or during a long trip

Stay within the speed limit and always choose an appropriate speed for the driving conditions, whether, city, country roads or night time driving.

Be vigilant and plan your journey. Also make sure you have emergency contacts details handy.

Make sure all passengers wear appropriate seat belts including children

Make sure all luggage is properly secured and will not become a projectile in case of sudden braking

Avoid all road side distractions

If driving refrain from using your cell phone, even if its hands free.

Be careful if pulling over or parking

Give trucks / Lorries /buses, plenty of room, remember they take long to stop than a car.

Keep headlights on for the entire trip

Drivers need to give cyclists enough room when overtaking

All pedestrians to remain vigilant and not get distracted by friends or mobile devices. And for them to wear highly visible clothing and walk against the traffic flow.

Marine safety:

Our police marine unit has come up with initiatives reminding all marine users, to be conscious of their safety, when out on the waters, this holiday season. Since most accidents that occur on the waters are avoidable, with careful planning and preparation.

All boat owners must ensure their boats are inspected and also educated about compliance and safety requirements

Our marine rescue teams will be on standby for any search and rescue operations, some of the messages people can expect include;

Check your boat service engine, and be aware of old fuel which can get mixed with plenty of water. Don’t take the risk

Check you have all the minimum safety gears, required for the waters, you will be in.

Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum, be responsible, stay sober

Check the condition of life jackets. Each person on board must have one and they should be the appropriate size and design

Plan your voyage. Tell someone where you will be and when you intend to return

Observe the “rules of the road” when navigating in the waters. Never anchor in shipping channels and give large vessels a clear path. They cannot and will not alter course to avoid you.

The writer is the Spokesperson of the Uganda Police