A Canadian website called canada-tv3.com came out yesterday and announced Ugandan prominent comedian Anne Kansiime and her boyfriend Skylanta dead, alleging that they had both drowned.

canada-tv3.com posted on their website; “Ugandan celebrities, Kansiime Anne and Skylanta have drowned in Canada in what police are calling a “case of misadventure”.

“The accident took place at Lake Ontario, Canadian province of Ontario, according to Police statement.

“The Ugandan Embassy representative reported to family members that Kansiime Anne and her fiance, Skylanta, were fishing on April 28, when Kansiime fell into the water. She was in distress and Skylanta jumped into the water to assist her. According to the Embassy, both were pulled from the water but could not be resuscitated.

“According to reports, the water was a punishing 35 degrees Fahrenheit at the time, only slightly above freezing.

“Family members report no funeral arrangements are set, as officials of Canada and the Uganda Embassy process the accident.”

However, Anne Kansiime has come out and responded to the false rumours in a YouTube video on her channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnmHePQ1C0c&feature=youtu.be) today afternoon saying:

“So today I intentionally beat my face, and Thanked God for this beautiful Face of mine which is definitely alive. So yesterday at around 7pm I think I died, yeah me and my boyfriend Sky drowned in Canada in some people’s heads. I had taken a nap and I woke up to about 156 missed calls of people I have not heard from since the year started.

“You people if you are not going overreact about the good things happening in my life, may you not dramatically mourn me please, because I will come back for you and remind that we were not that close. Banange I’m gona surprise people when I leave this world, be very very careful, don’t even try my death because I will come back for you.

“So if you are no willing to celebrate someone, in the little thing they do, do not dramatically go around mourning them. If you don’t call to check on me and come on burial to mourn me I will definitely come for you. I’m a live, am well, I’m in love and to all the Ninja that follow me you knew where I was” says Anne Kansiime.”