Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) district chairman of Jinja, Abubaker Maganda
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By Trevor S. Baleke

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) district chairman of Jinja, Abubaker Maganda who received shillings 20 million from president Museveni has said his life is in danger.

Maganda says he has information that his own fellow party leaders in the district want him eliminated. He named his traitors as Paul Kawanguzi (Jinja West FDC flag bearer), district party spokesman, Marddox Joseph Lugadha and Jinja Municipal Councilor, Rachael Kalulu.

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“They held a meeting at Mr Kawanguzi’s home with one major item on their agenda – how they can eliminate me,” said Maganda this morning.

He was appearing on Busoga’s leading morning show – Bukyeire on NBS FM 98.4 hosted by Mzee Mudoofu, David Omunubi and Mulwanyi Daudi.

Asked whether in fact he received the money from Museveni, Maganda responded in affirmative.

“Last year president Museveni called me on phone and we spoke. I had debts. He said he would send me shillings 20 million which money he actually released only that the Deputy RDC through whom he sent the money delivered only a half of it,” said Maganda without naming the Deputy RDC.

Recently, the FDC in Jinja is chocking on internal wrangles which have sharply divided the leading opposition party.

Last week, former Sironko MP candidate, Enid Nabukwasi (FDC) – wife to Maganda had a bitter verbal exchange with Jinja East legislator, Paul Mwiru. Nabukwasi posted on Tufumintirize, a WhatsApp forum in Busoga that it was Mwiru behind her husband’s woes in the party.

“When he was PAC vice chair himself Mwiru surmoned the First Lady and he was invited to state house for an envelope. Did he inform any one? Balya mere sibangu (human beings are difficult),” posted Nabukwasi. Mwiru who is also a member of the same platform responded immediately describing Nabukwasi ignorant.

“Ignorant as she sounded she has no idea that the investigation she alluded to has a report with clear recommendations, they think they can go down with me, I can only assure them I am not destined for such,” he posted.

Contacted by this website, Paul Kawanguzi has refuted Maganda’s claims of planning to poison him. Kawanguzi said no one in FDC wants to kill Mgananda “save for his own lousy politics to which I am not ready to be part.”

“There is a petition against him served to Jinja FDC elders led by former Kagoma legislator, Professor Frank Nabwiso in which the petitioner, Mr Lugadha Joseph challenges the legality of Maganda’s membership and chairmanship. You know he (Maganda) confessed in an FDC meeting that he received a 20 million shillings from president Museveni to fight our party flag bearer in the last year’s Jinja East MP byelection, Hon Paul Mwiru,” Kawanguzi cleared.