people betting. With the introduction of use of National ID, it will phase out the underage.

The Ministry of Interior and Co-ordination of National government betting control and licensing board in Kenya has issued a statement banning outdoor advertising of gambling, advertising of gambling on social media, advertising of gambling between 6am and 10pm, and endorsing of gambling operations by celebrities.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the licencing board cited potential harm to the consumers with a possibility of leading to addiction as reason for the ban.

“We wish to remind you that gaming is a demerit good and all demerit goods have the potential to harm the consumer with a possibility of leading to addiction as well as some disorder. This board as a regulator of the industry has a duty to protect its customer, members of the public, the young and the vulnerable.” Reads part of the statement.

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In addition to the bans, all advertisements on gambling will have to get approval from the Betting regulator.

“It has further been decided that any form of advertisement of gambling must be approved by the board and such an advertisement must contain a warning message about the negative consequences of gambling including its addictiveness, and that the warning message must constitute a third of the actual advertisement and be of the same font.” The statement further reads.

The Betting companies have been directed to comply with the directive with on or before 30th May 2019.

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