Dfcu-Bank-Uganda’s-Chief of Business and-Executive Director-William-Sekabembe

Dfcu’s Chief of Business and Executive Director at the bank William Sekabembe is said to be contemplating leaving the bank, according to sources close to him.

The sources say Sekabembe can no longer stomach the fact that Dfcu bank board declined to offer him the job of Managing Director after the departure of troubled Juma Kisaame left yet they had promised him.

Kisaame was instead replaced by current MD Mathias Katamba, who joined the Bank in January 2019 after resigning from Housing Finance Bank.

Sources say the Dfcu bank board had earlier promised to give that job to Sekabembe after KCB Uganda came asking for his services as MD of that bank. Sekabembe declined the job offer in a letter dated September 5, 2018 which Eagle Online has a copy.

Meanwhile the Managing Director of Arlanda Tours and Travel Limited Ahmed Hidaya has accused Dfcu bank of causing inconvenience to her while trying to operate her dollar account.

Ms Hidaya on her Facebook accuses Dfcu bank staff at Acacia branch in Kampala for mistreating her, and tossing her around when she wanted to know whether her client’s money, a tourist from Germany had reached her company’s account so that she could secure a Gorilla tracking permit for the client expected in July this year.

“Problem here is that I do confirm a tour with my client from Germany and they decide to send through the money for Gorilla trekking safari likely to take place in July. They did the transactions and in our business communication is very crucial. Client kept asking if I had received the money, I keep following up with the bank and guess what?! These chaps can’t give me details of the account until I provide the source of the money,” she says.

She says she tried to provide all the necessary details as requested but at the end of it, they had sent back the money to her client in Germany.

She asks: “If at all the bank is uncertain the company is not authentic, or never trusted the company documents, why in the first place did they accept to open up the account?”

She says Dfcu bank’s action has harmed her company and fears that the client may never send the money again to the company due to loss of trust.