Buckingham Palace, has confirmed Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex has given birth to a bouncing baby boy who is yet to be given a name.

The new royal baby is the seventh in line of succession after Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and Harry.

“The Duchess went into labour in the early hours of this morning. The Duke of Sussex was by Her Royal Highnesses’ side. An announcement will be made soon,” the statement read.

The royal couple previously announced that they are keeping the plans around the arrival of their baby private, which means royal fans should not expect for Meghan to pose on the steps of a hospital like Kate Middleton did after the birth of each of her three children.

However, royal fans will get to see the happy couple with their new baby soon after the birth. Within a few days after welcoming their first child, Meghan and Harry will take part in a photo op with their new baby on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Since Harry and Meghan were named the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their wedding day, it’s tradition for the eldest son of a duke to eventually inherit his father’s title. If their baby is a boy, he could be known by the title Earl of Dumbarton, the secondary Sussex title, before inheriting the dukedom, Bortrick explains. A baby girl, however, would not inherit a duchess title.

Any younger sons will be known as Lord (His Name) Windsor, while daughters will be called Lady (Her Name) Windsor or Meghan and Harry could chose to forego royal titles for their children completely.

The baby is now the first ever biracial heirs in the British royal family. (Queen Charlotte in the 1800s was believed to be of mixed race and went on to have 15 children.)

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