Minister Jennifer Namuyangu

Minister of State for Local Government, Jennifer Namuyangu, has said the ministry is set to move a motion seeking the approval of Parliament to create the new Terego District out of Arua District.

This is after Cabinet approved the creation of Terego District comprising of two counties of Terego East and west. The people of Terego requested for District status in accordance with Article 179 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and their request was endorsed by Arua District Council.

Currently Uganda has 127 districts with Kampala as it’s the capital city.

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Remarking in Kampala, the Namuyangu said the proposed new district of Terego is located in the Northern part of the current Arua district and once approved by parliament, it will take effect from July 1, 2020.

“It has a total of 67 government aided primary schools, with a total enrollment of 68,845 pupils, six government aided Secondary Schools with a total enrollment of 2,067 and one Technical Institute. It has one hospital, one Health Centre IV, eight Health Centre IIIs and Ten Health Centre II’s. Such a stock of social service delivery facilitates is significant.” She said.

The proposed location of Terego District headquarters is Leju Trading Center, in Ayivu sub-county, which is approximately 27 Kilometers away from Arua district headquarters.

She said agriculture is the main economic activity in the proposed Terego District, with the main cash crops being tobacco and maize, while the food crops include cassava, sorghum, beans, groundnuts and sweet potatoes.

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