Alcohol sachet

The Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Amelia Kyambadde, has given up-to May 31, for retailers, bars and manufacturers to completely phase out the production and packaging of sachet waragi.

The extension to May 1, follows earlier ban of March 1, 2019 imposed on brewing companies calling for ceasing of packaging of alcohol in glass and plastic bottles of not less 200Ml.

The Minister revealed after the commissioning of the newly installed bottling line for Premier Distilleries Ltd in Kawempe, Kigoma.

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“So far, 15 Alcohol manufacturing companies including Premier Distilleries limited out of the 26 registered companies have completed installation of new equipment that packages alcohol in bottles, complying with the Government ban.” She said

Amelia said packing of alcohol in plastic and glass will add value to the product and save environment from sachet polythene which take years to decompose.

The move is in line with that implementation of 2017 Cabinet decision to ban the sale and packaging of alcohol in sachets and this meant that the packaging and sale of alcohol must be done in plastic and glass bottles.

A team of professionals from various government institutions has been instituted to monitor the implementation of government’s directives.

The team comprised of members from Ministry of Health, Uganda police, National management authority (NEEMA), Uganda national bureau of standards (UNBS) and Uganda alcohol manufacturers association.

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