Mbarara RDC Lt. Col James Mwesigye Mwesigye with his team speaking to the managers

Security agencies in Mbarara have closed Alliance in Motion Global offices in Mbarara over alleged fleecing of residents’ money under the pretext of investment.

This follows a number of complaints to the Resident District Commissioner, accusing the drug supplements company of taking people’s money without fulfilling the agreed terms.

Reports say the deputy RDC, Emmy Katera had earlier summoned the officials of the company but they denied any claims of extortion.

It’s reported that for one to join the company, one pays Shs778,000 and is given a package of drugs to sell.

John Bosco Mutabazi, Mbarara district OC CIID contends that so far they have 16 cases of extortion registered at Mbarara police station about the company.

Company members were found in their usual trainings in a fully packed and stinking hall before the RDC grabbed the microphone and told them not to come back.

According to media reports, the Mbarara RDC Lt. Col James Mwesigye Mwesigye and team later met the managers in their offices and told them not to open again.

“These people are supposed to be arrested how you can hold all these people here and start extorting money from them, at the end of the day the disgruntled people become a threat to the security of this country and remember whatever happens here, as leaders, we are to blame,” he said.

Mwesigye added, “so we cannot sit and keep on getting complaints that you are fleecing money from members of the public, we have to do something, remember we warned you before but it has become too much, police if you don’t have enough enforcement, let the army help you I no longer to see any person here come tomorrow.”