Mr. Christopher Gashirabake on the right who is being accused of sexual harassment. On the left is Mr Atoke, the Solicitor General.

The Deputy Solicitor General Christopher Gashirabake has been in the spotlight for negative news but sources at Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs say the man being accused of sexual by Senior State Attorney Samantha Mwesigye, instead knowledgeable sources told this website that some of his colleagues in the ministry are against him being appointed Justice of the Court of Appeal/Constitutional.

Ms Mwesigye has been in the media in the recent days telling her story of how Gashirabake has sexually harassed her for over 10 years without any help from authorities despite lodging complaints on several occasions.

However, sources say Gashirabake who also doubles as director of legal services in the Ministry also wonders why Ms Mwesigye has been working under him for all that time if he had been harassing her with sex advances.

But Solicitor General Francis Atoke in the media statement yesterday said he recently constituted a sexual harassment committee which looked into Ms Mwesigye’s complaints against Gashirabake though he didn’t mention the last resolution on the matter.
Eagle Online has reliably learnt that Ms Mwesigye is being used to dragged Gashirabake in the mad so that he isn’t considered for the job at the Constitutional Court and that her actions of rushing to several offices including writing an email to Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda asking him to interdict Mr Gashirabake.

Gashirabake, according to Atoke, is expected to give his response to the committee, which Atoke said is in possession of email and Whatsapp messages exchanged between Ms Mwesigye and Gashirabake.

The Minister of Justice Gen. Kahinda Otafiire has commented on the matter but is also suspect of Ms Mwesigye’s accusations, though he says he is waiting to hear Gashirabake’s side of the story.

Other sources say that Gashirabake and a certain chief government legal advisor at the same ministry are not on good working terms, the reason some colleagues suggest the current sexual harassment accusations have come up in the media against the Deputy Solicitor General who has been short-listed among 24 others by the Judicial Service Commission for the position Justice of the Court of Appeal/Constitutional Court. The IGG Justice Irene Mulyagonja is also short listed.
Sources say this very senior legal advisor never liked Gashibarake to assume office of the Deputy Solicitor General but the same time, top officials at the ministry are wondering why the said officer is using Ms Mwesigye to fight Gashirabake who is on his way out.