Samantha Mwesigye is said be fighting a proxy war.

A top official at the Ministry of Justice has been cited as the person behind Senior State Attorney Samantha Mwesigye in order to deny Deputy Solicitor General Christopher Gashirabake chance of being appointed judge at the Constitutional Court.

Mr Gashirabake and 23 others have applied for vacant posts at the Constitutional/Appeal Court but his application has robbed one of the officials at the ministry in the wrong and hence the allegation of sexual harassment.

The said official who is known to be uncooperative at ministry is alleged to be using Samantha Mwesigye because he has been fight Gashirabake but when they news of his being an applicant at the Constitutional Court. Sources say what is perturbing authorities is how come Ms Samantha Mwesigye is bringing the issue of sexual harassment in 11 years as she alleges.

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“We are not ignoring the allegations but how come this lady is only resurrecting the issue now? And that is to say it happened. Why did she report it since she was an intern? However, what is worse is that this girl found it fit to return to the ministry and same department where the alleged rapist was/is. And what has happened that she is coming out to cry louder now?” said a top Ministry official who didn’t want to be quoted.

Sources say this top official never want Gashirabake to be Deputy Solicitor General but what is again perturbing is that it is the very official fighting Mr. Gashirabake from moving on as it would pave for way for him to carry on with his dealings.