Gen. Mugisha Muntu

The National Coordinator of the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), Rtd Maj Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu, has said Ugandans must change their mindsets is they are to remove President Yoweri Museveni and his National Resistance Movement (NRM) from power.

Muntu, said during the official unveiling of ANT after 13 months when Muntu and his close associates embarked on leaving Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party. The party’s move is to transform this country, first through popularizing it and recruiting party members in the first three months, Muntu said while addressing delegates on Wednesday at the Kampala Serena International Conference Centre.

“President Museveni carries around a sack of money you, find the youth anxiously waiting to receive, it’s not sustainable at all, not anywhere in the world. We must change our mindsets, we must reject the habit of handouts,” he said.

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“Most times, we criticize the current regime over many things that are physical but to me, the worst form of damage is when you crash the spirits of the people. That is what we must change in this country,” said.

He said the current government leaders cannot clean up politics, alleging that the leaders are chasing for their own selfish interests. They have no will, they have no capacity, they are trapped, You cannot transform a country whose spirits have been crushed but there is nothing on this planet that someone has done that we are not able to do in this country so the burden falls on our shoulders,” he said.

Muntu said Uganda’s problems have always come from settling for less than more, stating that it’s time Ugandans came together to do more. He added endurance was needed. “We must do more than just survive, and we must do more as a nation and we must come together without fear,” he said.

“We have no reason to fear fellow citizens. We are not asking Ugandans to do the impossible. We are asking that they recognize that when working together even in the most difficult problems can be overcome.”

He also urged his counterparts in the opposition to practice politics that is mature if they are to attract the support of Ugandans.

Earlier, Alice Alaso, also a proponent of the party asked Ugandans to top blaming colonisation for the mess in Uganda’s politics. “Even when we teargas ourselves we blame the colonialists! It has come to a point where we must accept responsibility and sort out this mess,” she said.

“We steal our own money and claim that the problem started with the colonialists. We must own our mistakes and correct them. We are ready to run the marathon that will bring transformation in this country,” she said.

Quoting president Nyerere, Tanzania’s MP, Upendo Furaha, said, “We want to light a torch that will put light on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro to bring peace where there is no peace, love where there is no love, respect where there is none. May the bulb of The Alliance for national transformation will bring hope, love and peace where there is none.”

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