President Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni while delivering a state of the nation address on Thursday castigated leaders of the opposition political parties, saying they have failed to help masses to solve development issues such as fighting poverty.

Museveni said opposition leaders should help their people even when they are not in power, saying that he did that while still a member of Democratic Party (DP) and the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC).

He further blamed leaders for not helping people to select profitable enterprises. He said cash crops like cotton need to be grown on the large scale if the farmers are to benefit from it.

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The presdient blamed government workers for not doing their worker. He criticized extension workers (Bapakasi) for not doing their work well to help farmers. He said leaders should help the masses who he said are the owners of the country.

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Museveni advised Ugandans against land fragmentation. He said dividing of land amongst family members hinders production. He encouraged leaders to help people understand the disadvantages of this practice, saying that he has done the same in his home district of Kiruhura.

He said the best way is to work together and share the proceeds from the land through shareholding.

He said agriculture employs over 70 per cent of Uganda’s population but added that going commercial is the best option. To boost agriculture mechanization, he said 280 tractors were procured and distributed to farmer groups. “The government intends to procure an additional 100 tractors in financial year 2019/20,” he said.

To improve production of quality beef, he said government has constructed a modern holding ground (5 square miles) and an Animal Quarantine station (4 square miles) to fatten bulls. These bulls will be supplied to the modern export abattoir in Bombo.

On industrial development, Museveni said there are currently 4900 factories in Uganda compared to 80 that existed in the 1990s.

He said the cost of doing business is still high in Uganda. “To address this challenge, the Government will continue to prioritize infrastructure investment in Energy, transport, water, and ICT,” he said.

He also said the cost of money in Uganda remains a big challenge in the country but that government has so far provided Uganda Development Bank (UDB) Shs272 billion so far to lend to businesses and in financial year 2019 /20, Shs103 billion will be added. He said borrowing domestically by government increases interest rates as it leaves little money for the private sector to borrow.

He said The NRM Government remains committed to ensuring a secure and peaceful Uganda. This has come about by promoting and upholding patriotism, democracy and good governance as core values for National socio-economic transformation.