Speaker Rebecca Kadaga (L), Hajji Twaha Sonko (2ndL), President Yoweri Museveni (2ndR) and ALPs Group chairman Joseph Sewava(R) during hand over of Kidera SSS Buyende District.

Haji Twaha Sonko Kiganda, the NRM chairman, Kalungu district was today released on bail by the High Court, he was ordered to pay a cash bail of Shs10 million and his three sureties a non cash bail of five million shillings each.

The bail application to High Court follows earlier bail applications to the magistrates Court at Buganda Road court which her worship Gladys Kamasanyu rebuffed arguing that the matter is not bailable.

The civil matter that turned criminal before her worship Gladys Kamasanyu involves a gold deal gone bad in which a Sudanese Gold dealer Haji Yahaya Othman allegedly gave Haji Sonko’s friends US $60,000 which he now wants to recover from him.

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Haji Yahaya Othman is guarded by SFC commandos as he does his gold business in Uganda in which he cons Ugandans and arrests them using SFC police. Haji Yahaya Othman has about 20 cases of fake gold deals at Buganda Road court in which he claims to have lost money which he didn’t have. After the high Court pronounced itself granting Haji Sonko bail.

Othman vowed to punish the state attorney who agreed to the bail. He threatened to sack the state attorney or have him transferred to a village court. He said if this was Sudan he would have killed both Haji Sonko and the state attorney today.

Haji Twaha Sonko Kiganda is a member of NRM CEC representing all district chairpersons. Can we have a professional journalist follow up this matter? Or professional journalism ended with your crop.