Rugby Cranes

Uganda Rugby Union (URU) has selected the 23 Rugby cranes players to travel to Kenya for the first leg of the 2019 Elgon Cup.

For the first time in three years, Kenya will host the first leg of the Elgon Cup. It will be held on Saturday, June 22nd 2019 in Kisumu City.

The return leg will be played on 13th July 2019 in Kampala, Uganda and it won’t double as the Rugby Africa Gold Cup since the competition was cancelled.

Last year, the Kenya Simbas won the Elgon Cup 72-38 on aggregate. 34-16 at Legends, Kampala in the first leg and 38-22 in Nairobi.

The Elgon Cup is an annual Rugby tournament between the Kenyan and Ugandan senior men’s 15’s team that has been happening for many years. The women’s games generally serve as a curtain raiser to the men’s games.

It is competed on a home-and-away basis. The competition and the cups are named after Mount Elgon, a mountain on the border of the two countries.

Men’s team leaving for Elgon Cup


1. Santos Senteza (Heathens)

2. Saul Kivumbi (Impala)

3. Asuman Mugerwa (Kabras)

4. Collin Kimbowa (Kobs)


5. Ronald Kanyanya (Heathens)

6. Joseph Kagimu (USIU)


7. Charles Uhuru (Heathens)

8. Robert Aziku (Kobs)

9. Simon Olet (Heathens)


10. Desire Ayera (Pirates)

11. Brian Asaba (Kobs)

12. Eliphaz Emong (Kabras)

13. Byron Oketayot (Rhinos)


14. Aaron Ofoyrwoth (Harlequins)

15. Paul Epilo (Heathens)

16. Robert Masendi (Heathens)


17. Pius Ogena (Kobs)

18. Ian Munyani (Kobs)

19. Jordan Bongomin (Heathens)


20. Paul Masendi (Heathens)

21. Daudi Semwami (Harlequins)

22. Adrian Kasito (Kobs)

23. Maxwell Ebonga (Hippos)