Mr. Arnold Mugisha

Ugandans in the public sphere as well as on social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter continue to be divided over the private security guard who on Tuesday shot dead a young entrepreneur at Quality Shopping Village in Naalya, Kampala.

Some of the eye witnesses that happened to be at the scene of crime said Aine Arnold Mugisha, one of the propitiators of Hickory Bar and Restaurant in Kololo was shot dead after intentionally crushing the leg of the guard, Aweza Babu at the supermarket’s car parking lot.

It is said the late Mugisha disrespected the security man after the latter informed him that his car had scratched another person’s car and that he needed to wait for the owner to resolve the issue. It is said Mugisha was impatient to wait and went on to ignite the car engine, crushing Babu’s leg.

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It is said the deceased came to do shopping with his colleagues, they entered an argument with Moses Angoria after they left they set a shopping trolley rolling into another person’s car in parking.

Witness recounted that the deceased was so arrogant to the extent that Mugisha claimed the askari couldn’t do anything except taking the nearby trolley back inside the supermarket.

This prompted the guard to pull out his gun and released the bullet that went through passenger windscreen, shuttering Mugisha’s face. He reportedly breathed his last as they tried to take him to Independent Hospital in Ntinda.

The guard was in rescued from the angry mob that almost took him life after the gruesome killing of Mugisha. He is currently receiving treatment at Mulago hospital as Mugisha’s family await for postmortem report from city mortuary.

His death has resulted into mixed reactions from within the public:

“Why everyone blaming the Askari’s over this guy’s death! Is failing to understand that security guards are human beings too like any of us. They deserve respect, and they also lose the nuts like the fellow who pushed the trolley too with disrespect. It’s very absurd that a very young life has been lost. It should have been avoided. But on the contrary, some people have pushed others to the wall,” says Suzanne Edith Suzanna on her Facebook Page.

If the source who said this guy crushed Askari’s leg is indeed right, then its really bad. Security guards or Askari’s as u all wish to call them, are human beings who deserve respect, she adds.

“I know of people who treat guards like street dogs because they assume they have made it in life.

It was a simple issue, take the trolley away, wait for the Askari to leave and reverse well other than run over a poor Askari’s leg because u think u have all it takes for u to get away with it,” she says.

Keith Agaba says: “We dont kill but if at he managed to be humble from the start nothing like this was to happen.”

Danny M. Ssematimba:  “One moment in time I did post about giving respect to everyone Guards inclusive. I wish Aine Mugisha respected the Naalya Quality Supermarket Guard, his life wouldn’t have perished!! RIP brother.”

Wanda Jonathan Fortunate says, “Me I feel nothing for such ninjas they think they have arrived now they dead and we will move on.”

Joanna Jojo Jasper says wrote, “Oppressed majority over arrogant citizens.”

Recently on of the well connected man caused chaos in the bar and pouring alcohol on people not until his father called in to save revelers from commotion.