Utility companies involved in the supply of drinking and waste water services are now expected to uphold the highest standard of customer service following the adoption of international standard related to drinking and waste water services, officials announced on Thursday in a statement.

According to the statement, water and sanitation experts under the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) Technical Sub Committee on water and sanitation have resolved to adopt the ISO standard on drinking and waste water services. In this case, drinking water refers to treated piped water.

The Standard (DUS ISO 24510:2007) aims at improving user experience and compelling utility companies to be responsive to customer needs. It gives power to customers and users to raise complaints against a service provider if the guidelines stipulated in the standard are not met.

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The standard was revised to include guidelines on satisfying users’ needs and expectations and clarity of billing and response to billing complaints. Other guidelines adopted include: managing wastewater utilities, treatment of wastewater and residues removed from wastewater, service assessment criteria and related performance indicators, among others.

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