Officials launching the book.



The Deputy Chief Justice, Alfonso Owiny Dollo, has launched a Resource Book on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR).

The launch was one of the highlights of a two day Training Workshop on the book usage for Judicial Officers at the Lake Victoria Serena in Kigo.

A cross-section of Judicial Officers is took part in the workshop, held under the theme: Strengthening Rule of Law and Accountability for Human Rights Violations.

Speaking during the launch, then Justice Dollo the manual is an important tool in ensuring human rights and environmental justice. “The manual is intended to reinforce the credibility and capacity of human rights defenders of grassroots groups, social movements, NGOs, academic centers, the private sector and the courts of judicature”, he said.

Justice Dollo observed that ESCR is an important tool that helps to unite women and men, migrants and indigenous people, youth and elders, of all races, religious, political orientations, and economic and social backgrounds, in the pursuit of a common realization of universal human freedom and dignity.

He also advised all the participants to utilize the book to promote the rule of law in Uganda.

The DCJ equally commended Dr Christopher Mbazira, the consultant, for producing a great publication as well as the Judicial Training Institute for supervising the consultancy.

Stakeholders in the Justice Law and Order Sector are also taking part in the workshop which is supported by the United Nations Human Rights.