Bobi Wine

Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine,  has said some of the proposed amendments of the electoral reforms are intended to restrict people power  from getting funds for campaigns.

Last week, the Attorney General, William Byaruhanga, tabled the long-awaited electoral reforms as directed by the Supreme Court. The proposals are contained in the Presidential Elections (Amendment) Bill 2019, Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) Bill 2019, Electoral Commission (Amendment) Bill 2019, Political Parties and Organisations (Amendment) Bill 2019 and Local Government (Amendment) 2019.

The bill proposes that the parties should not allies with a political pressure groups aiming at fighting against ruling government.

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Government also intends to prohibit use of cameras and mobile phones at polling stations while the Electoral Commission will be given powers to gazette restricted voting areas. When the proposals are passed by Parliament, the Electoral Commission will be free to tally results in the presence of only five people.

“Cameras and phones banned from polling stations so no one records evidence of rigging or captures official declaration forms is an indication that government is threatened by people power, a political pressure group,” said Mr Kyagulanyi.

He said seeing that majority of our soldiers and police officers on the side of the civilians, they are requiring them to vote five days before everyone else so that they are intimidated properly and their results tampered with, as opposed to voting with everyone else.

“Clear signs of a regime in panic- afraid of the people. The same people they dismissed as inconsequential, Once again, if President Museveni claims to be popular, I challenge him to a free and fair election.” He wrote