Patrick Onyanga, police Spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan said the police will hunt the criminals down.


Hard core criminals have invaded Kampala outskirts of Buwaate and Kungu causing havoc on residents throughout the nights.

According to reports, several families have been attack around the fast growing suburb of Buwaate and these criminals start their activities as early as 4pm targeting residents who are returning from work.

They also target early dwellers especially women who go early for shopping in markets and those who drop children in schools around the two areas.

Eagle Online has established that since last Saturday in the village of Seeta in Buwaate side of Kasangati Town Council boarding Greenhill School, four people have been attacked. On Saturday, a lady reurning from a wedding reception is said to have been attacked at her gate the moment the boda-boda rider dropped her, they descended on her beating before taking her bag while another lady was attacked on Sunday morning on her way the market.

“We are not sleeping, we are living in fear as if there is no presence of government in our area, we fear moving late but again we can’t get out early. Our appeal is that government should come to our rescue otherwise this is going hinder our ways of living and work” Ms Norah Namuddu told Eagle Online. Adding “Even yesterday we didn’t sleep as gunshots were heard several times in Buwaate”

Another resident told this website that a man in his early 30s was hacked on Monday and is nursing wounds. It is said the man was attacked at around 11pm as he walked to his home from work.

When contacted by Eagle Online, Kampala Metropolitan Spokesperson Patrick Onyango said as police they hadn’t registered cases but promised that police would step in the hunt the criminals.