Huawei has unveiled the latest upgrade of its smartphone user interface, expected to feature on upcoming Android Q devices. Owners of the current P30 flagship series will be the first to try EMUI10, available in beta from September 8, 2019. New features include a ‘dark mode’ for easier reading and lower battery consumption and increased support for interoperability with other devices.

Huawei said the update will help connect its smartphones better with other devices. For example, smartphone users receiving a video call will be able to answer the call via a smart speaker. They can also share content on the smartphone screen with a computer, using drag and drop to take documents or apps to the PC screen. Any communication between the devices benefits from end-to-end data security, the company added.

EMUI10 will also come with a more uniform developers framework. This will allow developers to port apps more easily to different devices without major changes.

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After the P30 series, EMUI10 will roll out to Huawei’s Mate20 smartphones, Huawei announced at its recent developers conference. The company has also confirmed that the Mate 20 Pro will receive Android Q. The next edition of the Mate series, expected to launch later this year, will come with EMUI10 installed, Huawei said.

Huawei said more than 500 million devices rely on its EMUI each day. Since the user interface was first launched in 2012, 79 percent of users have upgraded to EMUI8 and 84 percent to EMUI9. Huawei expects over 150 million users to upgrade to EMUI10.

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