Jotham Taremwa, EC Spokesperson

Uganda Electoral Commission (EC) is undertaking the process for demarcation and reorganization of polling stations in preparation for the 2021 general elections. The exercise runs from September 2-14, 2019.

The ongoing exercise is part of the strategic plan and the road map for 2020/2021 general elections.  The chairperson of Commission, Justice Simon Byabakama confirmed last year that a total of Shs868 billion was required to conduct the 2021 elections that will take place between January 10 -February 8, 2021.

According to guidelines released from the commission, the reorganization of Polling Stations is based on the Parishes or Wards where Electoral areas must at least have one Polling Station and each Polling Station shall have a close to the optimum number of 900 voters accordance with Section 12 (1) (d) of the Electoral Commission Act, (Cap 140), mandates electoral commission to establish and operate Polling Stations, for purposes of elections.

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As per the guidelines, polling stations located in contestable areas adjacent to bars and  in people’s homes, should be re-located and re-named where possible and can be done concurrently with splitting and merging of the polling stations.

Where no Polling Station exists in a newly created Parish/Ward, at least one Polling Station must be recommended by the Stakeholders in that area with due regard to the convenience of its location.

There will be splitting of Polling Stations with significantly more than the optimum number of voters into two or more Polling Stations, excluding Kampala and Wakiso because they may have an optimum number of 1200.­­

Locations of Polling Stations may need to change due to recent developments since the 2016 General Elections. These developments may be new roads, internal displacement and resettlements, new power stations or where physical development has taken place.

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