Lawyer David Mpanga


Kampala Lawyer, David F.K. Mpanga has reportedly been summoned by his bosses of South African law firm Bowmans, to answer some queries in relation to his scandalous dealings with the Bank of Uganda (BoU). The South Africans run an office in Kampala where Mpanga is a partner.

According to reports, about a week Bowmans shared addresses with the public where information on their staff and partners can be sent especially those cited in bad deeds.

In December 2017, citing conflict of interest, the civil division of the High Court disqualified law firms MMAKS Advocates and AF  Mpanga Advocates (Bowmans) from representing the Bank of Uganda in the case where the central bank/Crane Bank In Receivership sued Kampala businessman Sudhir Ruparelia and Meera Investments for allegedly fleecing former Crane Bank Limited of Shs397 billion.

The above decision came after Sudhir applied to court seeking that they be barred from representing BoU and any other institution where Ruparelia Group is involved. And as such lawyers of MMKAS Advocates, David Mpanga of AF Mpanga-Bowmans and Sebalu & Lule Advocates were barred from representing BoU and any party in cases involving Ruparelia Group. The conflicted lawyers formerly worked for Ruparelia Group and therefore had predicial facts to him and Ruparelia Group.

The court held that: “Where there was a fiduciary relationship, the irrebuttable presumption is that there is a possibility of disclosure. Further, although some authorities state that the applicant (Sudhir and Meera Investments) should plead the confidential information that could be reviewed, recent authorities have held that such pleading would be contrary to the intended confidentiality.” 

Therefore, court ruled, information prejudicial to the applicant would likely emerge to the disadvantage of Sudhir and his companies within the Ruparelia Group and court accordingly granted the application and ordered the disqualification of MMKAS Advocates, AF Mpanga-Bowmans and Sebalu & Lule from the pending suit.